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Though we strive to update our prices as soon as our suppliers, sometimes it takes a little while. Prices on this website are subject to change at any time.
Brand New Storefront Coming Soon

A tiny little window into the future.
There are some big changes in store for Eagle Engraving this November!

Starting early next month, a brand new version of Eagle Engraving's website will bring improved navigation, higher resolution photography, a more intuitive interface for customizing your orders, and support for mobile and tablet devices. A new optional account system will make it easier than ever to upload custom department patches and review and repeat previous orders. An entirely new back-end means hundreds of other usability and functionality improvements, too, so be prepared!
--- Ryan
Fall Banquet Gift Sale
Have a banquet coming up? We have a fantastic deal for you. If you order $200 or more of banquet gift items, we will chop 10% off the price of each item. And for those that are throwing an exceptionally large event (or simply have a large organization) we'll reduce the price by another 10% if you order $750 or more, for a total discount of 20%! This offer expires November 30th.
--- Ryan
Early Autumn Sale

Ornaments & Keychains 20% off!
Our early autumn promotion is two sales in one! Through September and October, your order of twelve or more custom leather keychains will receive a 20% discount. Any orders of twelve or more custom ornaments (in alder wood, acrylic and more) will also receive a 20% discount! Each piece is completely customizable, laser cut and engraved in the shape of your department patch or logo. Get a head start on your holiday gift buying!

Keychains: http://www.eagle-engraving.com/products/sale.php?category=Early%20Autumn%20Keychain%20Sale

Ornaments: http://www.eagle-engraving.com/products/sale.php?category=Early%20Autumn%20Ornament%20Sale
--- Ryan
Our Most Popular Incident Command Board

Click the board to find out more!
Check out our favorite incident command board! V49 measures 19" wide by 14" tall. It's a two-sided portable board that you can flip for easy viewing. Make your assignments without writing; just place the team tags below each pre-printed assignment header, and see everyone on scene at a glance!

For larger incidents, if you like this board but don't want to flip, see ICB-V93.
--- Ryan
Business is booming!
Thanks to all our fantastic customers, we've been exceedingly busy lately. Unfortunately this also means that our wait times have been longer than usual. Due to this, we cannot apply promotions to rush orders. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!
--- Will Langer