Eagle Engraving
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Velcro Accountability Sale

That one is trying to escape!
You're gonna love this deal. Our entire catalog of accountability products, including our Velcro Accountability System of incident command boards, is on sale! Receive a discount of 10% on any accountability system order of $150 or more. Also, don't forget that we offer super quick turnaround on individual member tags, team tags and apparatus tags. Click the picture to view our entire accountability selection. Offer available through March 31, 2015.
--- Ryan
The New Year Insignia Sale

Significant insignia!
Dress up your uniform! Choose from a wide variety of engraved name bars, tie bars, collar insignia, and service bars. Get a 10% discount when you order $150 or more. Offer available through February 28, 2015.
--- Ryan
Laser Engraved Axe Heads Now Available!

Laser diamonds? Diamond lasers? Hmm.
We're proud to offer a new axe head engraving process to complement the diamond tip engraving we've always done.

While our traditional engraving process creates a timeless, elegant look with a unique sense of depth, our new laser engraving option creates a stark, high-contrast image on your axe head. They are distinct styles with their own benefits, so we'll continue to offer both options for all axe head engraving. Click the image to see our selection of axe products.
--- Ryan
New: 3D Full Color Sign

It's 3D and you don't even need glasses.
We've got a great new signage product available now and it's sure to catch your eye.

Our new 3D Full Color Sign combines the rich full-color imagery produced by our in-house sublimation process and the full breadth of shape variety available with our in-house laser engraving and cutting process. Each finished multi-layer sign is clear and readable from a distance and has an amazing dimensional quality up close. It's a great way to show off your department patch, company logo or similar art.

Click the sign to find out more!
--- Ryan
Introducing the Medal Maker!
We're proud to introduce an entirely new way to order medals. Our sister site commendationbars.com, already the best resource for creating customized commendation bars with a unique visual interface, now features the Eagle Engraving Medal Maker!

Design the distinctive medal that honors your member by choosing the model, center seal and panel. You can even select from over 35 Blackinton-approved enamel colors and four different finishes; every detail you add will be right there for you to see in real time. This intuitive new visual tool allows you to be sure of your choice before your order is placed.

Be sure, and Be Proud!
--- Ryan